MyDesign Museum Quality Framing prints with industry standard Epson large format printers utilizing Epson UltraChrome HDR ink. Expect rich, high detail, prints with excellent color stability and water resistance from us. We offer several high quality papers which work beautifully in tandem with our inks.

We'll print and frame it


Getting your images printed is easy. Simply use upload your digital image using our uploader [up top]. Once uploaded you can crop your image and choose from several premium paper types. When you're ready you can choose to add it to your cart or frame it.

Framing Your Print

You can custom frame your print online! Receive a beautifully framed and matted piece that is ready to hang and admire by using our integrated online framer.

Our Papers

Fine Art Paper

Our fine art paper is a white, archival fine art paper with subtle texture that is capable of producing crisp & accurate detail. This substrate is optimal for reproducing high resolution imagery.

Archival Matte

Archival Matte is a bright white paper with a matte finish which yields vibrant images with a broad gamut of color and value.

Photo Luster

Photo Luster paper offers a traditional photographic semi-gloss finish on a bright white surface. This substrate yields highly saturated prints with a huge range of colors.

Sometimes you need more than one picture in a frame to tell the complete story. Fortunately we can help you with that. Multi-image packages are an assortment of standard sized mat and frame templates to choose from. Simply choose a template, upload your images and then choose your frame.

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What is a ChromaPrint?

A ChromaPrint is an image infused into hi-gloss polished aluminum. The luminous results are unlike anything a traditional print can produce.

Prints on metal take on natural archival qualities since the image is infused into the metal surface. There is no worrying about your image's color fading into obscurity.

Frameless & Ready to Hang

Part of the beauty in a ChromaPrint is their simplicity. These prints feature rounded corners, a scratch resistant coating and will ship to you ready to hang on your wall without any need to alter the presentation.

The mounting system on the back may vary depending on the print's size. That said the mounts are always shorter than the width of the ChromaPrint and are roughly an inch deep effectively floating the image off your wall.


ChromaPrints look amazing on any subject matter. That said, images with a high dynamic range or high contrast, best demonstrates the unique luminance of a ChromaPrint. Printing on metal is the perfect answer to art that needs to stand on it's own without a frame. It's sleek, elegant and direct.


Perhaps one of the most useful features of a ChromaPrint is they can be hung virtually anywhere. Unlike traditional frames, and many laminates, ChromaPrints can survive in damp environments. They are also safe to hang in hi-traffic areas due to their glassless and durable nature.

Vivid and Minimal

ChromaPrint Minis, like their larger counterpart produce rich, luminous colors beyond that of typical papers. They also share the same durable and archival nature of ChromaPrints. Pictures of all types tend to pop when printed as a ChromaPrint. This effect is amplified with the amount of color and contrast in your image. These Minis come equipped with a stand that allows you to display them on a flat surface much like a table top photo frame.

Showcase your Photos

Minis are perfect for adorning surfaces such as mantels, desktops or ledges. Each ChromaPrint Mini stands upright when placed in it's included durable and dense plastic stand. This stand (like the ChromaPrint) is waterproof allowing placement in damp areas such as bathrooms.

Convenient and Interchangeable

Easily swap out and rearrange your Minis any time you want. ChromaPrint Minis are lightweight and will not break. There are no hangers, or movable parts to deal with. Simply slide your image into your stand's mounting groove and you're set.

No Stretching Required

Any canvas ordered on MyDesign Museum Quality Framing is delivered to you pre-stretched and ready to hang. We offer two methods of wrapping your canvas.

Museum Wrap

Museum wraps are achieved by adding a white or black border to your print that wraps around a 1 1/2" deep stretcher bar. The final product is a clean, crisp presentation that stands on its own.

Gallery Wrap

Gallery wraps involves stretching a portion of the printed image around 1 1/2" deep stretcher bars. Gallery wraps have a softer presentation than museum wraps lending themselves to simple imagery and broad color fields.

All canvas wraps are printed on Chromata White Canvas. Chromata White Canvas is a textured, pure white, matte canvas with acid free coating. All prints on canvas are delivered pre-stretched on 1 1/2" stretcher bars.

To get started simply upload an image using the upload button [up top]. Once uploaded you can choose a size, and canvas treatment.

Transform your photos into rich and tactile art panels. Enhance your décor by adding a unique and artistic approach to your imagery. Multi-Panel canvases are perfect for iconic, symmetrical or progressive imagery. Choose from diptych, triptych or quad panels.

Canvas Panels

Multi-panel art is printed on Chromata White Canvas. Chromata White Canvas is a textured, pure white, matte canvas with acid free coating. All prints on canvas are delivered pre-stretched on 1 1/2" stretcher bars.

The Process

The ArtLam process includes mounting your image to a dense black or white plastic board and then laminating it with a UV filtering film that is both dirt and moisture resistant. The edges are trimmed and finished resulting in a beautiful piece of artwork that is durable, un-bendable and resistant to the elements.

Each ArtLam is fitted with a pedestal style mount that offsets your art from the wall. This creates a floating effect that allows for a very clean and contemporary presentation.


ArtLam’s lightweight and durable finish makes it a perfect solution for a variety of applications including kids’ rooms, bathrooms, game rooms and more. This is an excellent choice for maps, movie posters or any large format prints. ArtLam is also wonderful for smaller prints which can then be clustered in groups or collections.


Choosing either a black or white board for mounting determines the edge color of the finished piece. You can also choose either a matte or luster finish for your art, thus giving you a choice of four different options. Each of these options are beautiful and will compliment your interior décor.

  • Black Edge - Luster Finish
  • White Edge - Luster Finish
  • Black Edge - Matte Finish
  • White Edge - Matte Finish

Click the upload button [up top] to get started. Once you upload your image you can select your size, edge color and finish.

Step 1:

Start by clicking on the upload button on the top of this page and then select your image. As a general rule of thumb your image should be a minimum of 5 mega pixels.

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